Clondyke Software represented by Frank Sørensen offers to solve specific programming tasks in the areas described below. The terms are typically at a fixed price per hour.


The main areas of expertise are Java development and user interface design. These two main areas are complemented by these other topics:

Geographical data: Storing spatial data in MySQL and other SQL engines that support geometric types.
Computer vision: Automatic content detection in photos and videos using OpenCV.
Image Processing: All sorts of batch processing
3D: Mainly Java3D API and Blender / Python.
Document Management: Processing, indexing, searching and generating, primarily PDF and ODF.
Batch data processing: Development of Unix/Linux daemons for continuous processing of large quantities of data.

Development Technologies

Programming: Java, PHP, Javascript.
Databases: MySQL/MariaDB, Oracle, H2, HSQLDB.
Operating Systems: Linux (Fedora, CentOS, RHEL) and Windows.
Favorite IDE: Eclipse