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Fictive but realistic personas

How can you develop systems that store data about persons that must not be exposed to unauthorized viewers? In a production system it is normal that only user with a legitimate cause may access the personal data. But what about testers, developers, trainees etc. that often don't have a sufficiently legitimate reason to access the data? One possible solution to this problem is to work on a copy of the real system, containing only data about persons that are fictive.

Clondyke Software offers it's clients the options of working in a fictionalized setup. This means an imitation or simulation of reality, but with no data referring to real-life persons.

Here you can try a sample of the concept:

How can you use fictive data in your system?

Are you responsible for running, developing or testing a system containing data about named individuals?
Would you like to know more about how fictionalized personas can be of value in cases such as:

  • Automated tests?
  • Manuals or course material for your system?
  • Scenario testing?
  • Discussion on design issues?

Then don't hesitate to contact Clondyke Software to hear more:

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