User Interface Design

The approach of Clondyke Software is partly based on many years of practical experience and partly based on the approach to digital tool design found in the humanities. It means that the primary focus is on the specific, practical context and the specific persons who will use the tools that are being designed.

Design Methodology

Favorite disciplines are handdrawn mockups and quickly implemented software prototypes that initially are only scarcely functional. When the end users get interact with the prototype it will normally result in a lot of feedback which is essential for the subsequent improvement of the tools that are being developed. When the following revisions of the design and prototypes incorporate the feedback from the end users, the end product will feel familiar to the end users on the day when it is taken into service.

A tool that is especially important in digital user interface design is the catalog of examples. Over the years Clondyke Software has compiled a comprehensive database of many hundred examples of UI design for web and desktop (rich clients). The examples illustrate both good, bad and alternative ways to solve specific design challenges.


Here are a few samples of implementation and UI sketching: