Terms of Sale


The currency of all prices is Euro (EUR / €). VAT is included in shown prices if you seem to be located in an EU country, Norway, Iceland or Switzerland (see more about VAT below).


Currently the only supported method of payment is via Paypal. Transactions for Clondyke Software will appear on your bill as "PAYPAL *CLONDYKESOF". Transaction fees are paid by Clondyke Software.


VAT is chargeable on applicable products if you are based in the EU, Norway, Iceland or Switzerland. The VAT rate for the type of products and services sold on Clondykesoftware.com is determined by the location of you, the customer ("place of supply"). The default prices shown on Clondykesoftware.com include a VAT rate based on the geographical location of your IP address. However, in the end, the final VAT rate of the purchase is determined by the country of the order billing address. If you, the customer, during the check out process provide an address outside the EU, Norway, Iceland or Switzerland for the Billing Information you will not have to pay the VAT and you will see a reduction of prices and order total.


Digital Downloads

If you purchased downloadable products, such as classifiers, you can download the purchased file(s) on your customer profile page on Clondykesoftware.com as soon as the payment for an order is completed.

License Keys

If you have purchased a license key for a software product, such as Clondyke ImageManager, the license key will be sent to the email address of your billing information as soon as the payment for the order is completed. The license key mail will contain an attached license file for offline license key activation of the software product, as well as an activation code to use for online activation. If you are online the latter option is probably the more convenient option.

Order Cancellation and Refunds

Digital Downloads and License Keys:

Once the payment for an order is completed the sale is final and all charges from those sales are non-refundable.

Order Processing

Upon order completion a separate invoice will be sent to you by e-mail.